Integrated Information Technology LLC

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Proven Performance

Integrated Information Technology, LLC has a reputation for developing solid reliable solutions at a cost effective price. Since 2004 we have provided custom applications to a wide array of markets using the technologies most appropriate for the requirements. Our services are available as fixed price solutions or contract hourly rates whichever is more suitable to the needs of the project or client.

Technology Experience

With development technologies constantly evolving it is important to not only choose one that meets the requirements of the solution but also one that is not reaching end of life. Our motivation to provide continuous support and avoid planned obsolescence factors into our initial technology selection as well as our maintenance planning for the life cycle of the application.

Enterprise Integration

Information is the product enterprises are searching to acquire while data is the inventory every business has in abundance. Our experience in enterprise application integration as well as an array of domain knowledge assures the goal that available data is transformed into actionable information. Domain experience includes systems involving manufacturing execution, order entry, tracking, and fulfillment to name a few.